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a response to Kevin

Originally Posted by KevinAustin View Post
I just wrote a blog post about my views on open carry.

It can be read here:

Feel free to comment. Great thing about America is we can disagree.
My comment?

I think you're off base here in a big way. If "intimidation" is the only conclusion you can come to as a reason for OC, then I must sincerely question your ability to draw conclusions.

I CC about 70% of the time, but when I OC, its not because I want to intimidate or because I feel like a [email protected]$$. I OC normally for a few simple reasons:

1) comfort- an owb holster on my belt is infinitely more comfortable to carry a weapon, especially heavier, full size pistols.
2) ease of access- if CC was a better way to carry a pistol, LEOs would carry concealed. Fact is, it is easier and faster to draw unconcealed than it is to draw from concealment.
3) attire- some parts of my attire don't lend themselves well to an IWB holster.

I live in a state that allows OC and CC. When I OC, I have had a number of responses- ranging from asking questions to support. I had a lady in the line at the grocery store say she felt SAFER knowing someone with a sidearm was nearby. She wasn't telling me- she was telling the person behind her. I have had people ask questions about why I carry a gun, asking if I feel threatened, etc. I take these opportunities to talk to people about guns, and inform them of their rights.

Further, OCing isn't always even that noticeable. Most folks never even notice my weapon, since i keep it in a pancake holster close to my body. Some people do, but many don't. I don't walk around with a sandwich board advertising a CZ-75 on my hip, any more than you do.

I browsed your website, and if I lived in your area, I might have considered you for further training, if not for this blog. Your post comes across as not a lack of understanding about open carrying, but a lack of attempting to understand open carrying. I can't say this is how you think and feel, but this is how it comes across.

There is a big difference between reccomending CC after debating the pros and cons and publishing a slanted post and encouraging people not to exercise their right to carry- either openly or under concealment.
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