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Female Specific Concealment Gear... Purses?

My dad has recently helped an older lady motivate to her CCW permit here in Fla...

Since her late husband left her a literal arsenal to choose from, feel free to not be concerned with what she will be carrying....

Her first thought was a gun friendly purse...
So we will open with that... I think I remember a concealment purse with an easy access gun holster pouch...

And what about fanny pack gun gear?

And lady friendly IWB or other on the person concealment options???

What are some brands (links too please)... and models I can share with her?

Any and all options are invited as she can easily weed thru them in her leisure. She is computer literate just not real savvy on the "google-foo" skills...

Also... while not likely looking for farkle encrusted fashion stuff... Just consider that money really is not an issue in the least... She would rather own a high quality suitable item for $500 than to buy a $20 dollar piece of junk...

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