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...but don't you understand, its because Packard automobiles were so refined, perfect, and high quality, that Packard couldn't afford to make them, because on the open market, no one wants the best, but they sold a lot because everyone knew they were the best, but then they couldn't sell enough, because the demand was so high, they couldn't make enough and then because they wanted to make them all hand fitted and perfect, that the production cost was so high, that no one could afford them anymore even though everyone knew they were the best. Since they were the best, and the best cost money, and no one likes the best, Packard had to cease making automobiles. But today, today we know the truth, and by golly, they're the best damn automobile ever made, and Chevrolet is just a wannabee Packard! Chevrolet is only around because they couldn't make a car as good as the Packard. That's why they survived, because their product and company were second fiddle. Its easy to understand
That was actually pretty funny. Parts of it reminded me of the Yogi Berra quote "Nobody goes there anymore. It's too crowded."
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