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What about bullet type?

@ 10851Man:
Great post, and impressive experience!
One question:
What about fype of bullet? Appart from caliber issue: different bullets in same caliber will have different stopping power?

In your experience: full metal jacket, or hollow point? Or something else?
Military rounds have purpose of disabling the enemy, hunting type of ammo has a purpose of momentarily stopping / dropping the game, etc.
The sole caliber is of secondary importance when it comes to bullet fragmentation and hydrostatic (disabling and stopping) shock.

I would sort the priorities to achieve stopping power like this:
Proper shot placement - type of bullet - type of caliber.
(for situation where you can choose your ground, CONTROL YOUR STRESS and take your time, like law enforcement sniper, or a counter sniper, or trained officer)

Many (untrained) civilans in self defence situation will not be able to control the stress and aim properly.

In such situation, where you can not waste time for good aiming (breathing control, trigger control, etc),the priorities like this:
Type of bullet - proper shot placment - type of caliber.
(for tactical and unexpected situation, in lets-say-close quarters)

So, back to question:
Still shooting and woonded bad guys - what kind of bullet did they take, and still had enough ability to return fire?
(my guess - FMJ, with poor shot placment. Am I right?)

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