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Because there are another million-plus folks like you doing the same thing - buying more than they normally would and causing the whole shortage in the first place
The only thing I bought were mags I was planning on buying anyway but put off not expecting all this to happen, two Beretta 92 mags and a single M1A mag. So speak for yourself. If I can find a couple more M1A mags ill be content with that.

If you really want to get down to it I am selling two guns right now and am charging fair prices for both, in fact I could charge $50 or more and still be giving a fair price. I could easily take advantage of the situation and jack up the prices, but I have no desire to contribute to the craziness going on right now just to make a few bucks off someone. I'm not greedy and am not looking to stockpile in case of a ban, just looking for what I need.

Alot of what you guys are saying makes sense. Even before this I guess the demand for magazines, guns, and ammo was high and companies were already running at full capacity.

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