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Mag Dropped Out

I have used the same carry set-up for about 3 years now; Sig p250 Compact in a Crossbreed Supertuck. I carry this way about 80% of the time. If the wardrobe calls for it, my other option is an ankle holster with an LCP. My office has a rather relaxed dress code as jeans and button downs or golf shirts are the normal attire.

Well one day about 6 months ago, I was sitting down in a meeting with our CEO, COO, my direct boss, and a collegue. As I was sitting down, the mag release was somehow bumped and the full mag fell out right from under my shirt (button down, worn untucked). EVERYONE in the room noticed it and saw what it was. Needless to say, I scooped it up as quickly as possible and reached back under my shirt and clicked it back in place. I was quite nervous as I go out of my way to not tell anyone other than my wife and immediate family that I carry, and I did not know how they would react. Well, the CEO pulled up the pant leg of his jeans showing a snub nose revolver, and said, "Glad to know someone else around here cares about their safety," and we began the meeting like nothing had happened.

A couple of week later, the CEO and I spent our lunch hour at the range and we have done so several times since.

I have no idea what happened that caused the mag release to be activated as it has never happened again. The leather of the holster covers the mag release and no clips or anything are near the release. I purposefully tried to re-create the situation by sitting and twisting every which way, and I can not get it to happen again. O well, it must have been some sequence of motions that happened just right (or wrong as the case may be).
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