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I knew a DEA agent back in the 1980s, that was one of their top dangerous mission men. A group of us were discussing the merits of 9mm vs .45/.40, etc. It was 1986-87 right around the time of the 1986 FBI Miami shootout. He said "It doesn't matter which one you use, if you shoot them three times in the head." Not very politically correct, but accurate in what the effect would be.

Most all of us think in terms of COM and rightly so, but when the chips are down and your adversary is 2 yards away, already holding his pistol in his hand...maybe going straight for the head is the thing to do. Its what we would do with our scoped rifle to stop a dangerous actor. I think that incorporating a close range, go for the CNS(their brain)/stop them right now drill into our training, sounds wise. I mean, I do already, but not intensively and a lot of my head shooting, in addition to the standard Mozambique, is placing precise, miss the hostage type shots.

So I'm definitely going to work on drawing and going straight for the head, tomorrow.
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