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Did you hold and shoulder both of them? That's a good starting point.

I'd take the Savage. If it comes with the Accu-trigger, that sweetens the deal even more. The higher end Remingtons still seem to be pretty nice, but I don't have much confidence in the lower end Remingtons anymore. I've read of plenty of people who do like the ADLs, however.

I have an older model 700 ADL that shoots great and is silky smooth. The new ones just don't do it for me. I like the Savages because they are typically pretty accurate and if you aren't happy with its accuracy you could rebarrel and have a match grade barrel that definitely should shoot great.

Granted, that will run you $300-350 for just the barrel if you go with a big name brand. That may not make sense for you because you could just buy a second rifle for a little over $400 and have two rifles, but you still may not end up with a really accurate shooter.

As far as the scope, it would be a non-issue for me because I know I would be replacing it as soon as I could.
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