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Why is it that gun companies cant at least keep up with magazine demands? A magazine is a relatively simple thing, they should be able to pump them out by the thousands each day. Every website is out of stock and not accepting back orders. Hire extra workers, offer overtime incentives, temporarily raise the prices of mags if need be. But for over a month I haven't seen any websites change their inventory status on magazines. I grabbed what I could when I could, but even then pickings were slim. You would think with the threat of high cap mag bans on the horizon they would be producing and selling them like hot cakes.
It's a many-fold problem actually.
Consider the fact that a plastic injection molding die set can cost a quarter of a million dollars, & they (like everything else) have lead times. And there are only so many places that can even make them.
Then, the machine that the dies go into also have a lead time.
So just tooling up (considering that they have the $5million for the machine & dies) could take 6 months in itself.

Then you need people that can set them up & run them.
At this point QC becomes a huge bottleneck, those people need to know what they are doing, so you can't just use temps for it all.
People's lives depend on those mags.

Then, on top of it all it the Gov't pulls the rug out from under them & bans the Mags a month later they are out millions of dollars.
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