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Interesting points Netto. It appears that we will have to agree to disagree on the matter. I applaud you for getting a gun collection that large where you live, it must have been somewhat hard. What types of guns do you collect? Anything specific? How much is a Python or a good S&W down there?

This is not a personal opinion, that is a fact, which is supported by the results of the Olympics from the beginning of the century. In the overwhelming majority of competitions governed by former UIT, the Colt revolvers were winners.
But of course Netto, that is pretty common knowledge. But lets not count the New Service target, shooting master or officers model in the convo. I think most of these match victories would be with one of those revolvers, or perhaps a post war OMM, rather than a Python. The python only came around in 1955, so anything won with a Colt before then is irrelevant to Pythons. I like pre war Colts better, so maybe you misunderstood me. I like a pre war colt a lot actually.

You adopt the same strategy of cultural Marxism: looking disqualify the person instead of presenting counterarguments.
Not really, I just noticed a pattern of experience + large revolver collection = not crazy about Pythons. I'm not saying it disqualifies anything you said, but I also must ask, why would experienced people overwhelmingly hold one opinion on the matter?

I got to examine a 5 screw 44 today. In my opinion it is not in the same class as a python or a registered magnum for that matter.

Others bidding think otherwise.
So can you elaborate on this? What puts the Python in a different class or what puts the 44 mag in a different class than a Python? I hope you're not going to say "fit and finish" IMO, the Smith is just as "Royal" as anything Colt ever made.

Btw, the gun in the auction is very scarce, esp with the box and accessories. The price is its "collectible" value just like that of a Python. You can get a great shooter for much less. Rest assured, it will go much higher than it is now. Right now, to buy it for that, would actually be a steal. IMO it will cross $4000 and if it $5000 I would not be surprised. My first 5 screw 44 mag is a 6.5in and I would want much more than that, without the box, for sure. Here is one that sold a few months back, 6.5in in box:
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