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S&W Pre Model 10 .38 Special Parts

Hey all,

While searching the forum earlier today I was looking for some info on the very pistol Magicjack was asking about; What a stroke of luck!! The pistol I am inquiring about also has a 6 digit serial number, no S or V prefix, and is close to the one Magicjack mentioned. From what I have been able to learn it was made in the mid to late 1920's.

Anyway, I am considering buying this S&W pre model 10 but I know it will need a couple of parts. There is some play in the cylinder so I am figuring I will at a minimum need to replace the cylinder stop, hopefully not the cylinder. The thumb piece nut is half broken so it will also need to be replaced. I have the pistol and was able to get the thumb piece nut off of the thumb piece stud. I checked Numrich, they do not have parts for the pre model 10 but they do have parts for a model 1917. They look alike but I'm not sure. Are the parts I have mentioned the same as the model 1917? Also, the condition of the pistol is a shooter at best; no blue remaining but no rust or pits. The inside of the barrel and cylinder is clean and shiny. The smooth wooden grips are in good shape and appear to be original to the gun. I will refinish it probably with cold blue. Purchase price - $50. After purchasing the parts I mentioned that would bring my total to about $80, I already have the cold blue and other items to refinish so nothing needed there. Would you buy it? Thanks in advance for your input.
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