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Snuffy says nobody is going to introduce an abrasive into a powder charge. It would NOT be good for the barrels.

Yet that's exactly what Eley did in their ammo plant in Great Britian some years ago; mid 1980's as I remember. An explosion at their primer facility killed a man or two seriously injuring others. Their priming compound used in their great Tenex .22 rimfire match ammo got changed adding more glass frit to the mixture as well as some chemical changes.

Before this, Olympic class smallbore folks would get 50,000 rounds of accurate barrel life from their rifles. After the primer compound change, barrel life dropped to about 30,000 rounds. Best accuracy also took a nose dive. Most of the .22 rimfire records fired before then still stand. 'Twas easy before hand to get a lot of Tenex that shot under 1/2 inch at 100 yards in good barrels. After the primer change, folks threw a party if they got a lot that would shoot 3/4 inch at 100 yards.

I think Snuffy should examine some smokeless powder under a 200X microscope; both before and after an hour or two of tumbling or vibrating.
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