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Alright, there are a couple of things that are very troubling.

First, if max load is 2.5gr, you should be starting out at 10% lower, which would be roughly 2.2gr.

Second, this is a tiny little cartridge with very little room for powder. That means that very small differences in OAL will have DRAMATIC effects on pressure.

Being that you're using a light bullet, I would expect the OAL to be less than max for the cartridge but if Hornady lists it at .925 and max for the cartridge is .970, I would expect that you should be able to get .925.

1)Remove the barrel from your gun.
2)Measure the length of a bullet, bullet only, not finished cartridge. Write down that number.
3)Take the same bullet and drop it pointy-end first into the chamber. Use your calipers to measure from the back of the barrel hood, where the hood would touch the breach-face, to the base of the bullet. Write down that number.
4)Add the length of the bullet from step 2 to the number from step 3.

The number from step 4 will be the total length of a finished round that will touch the rifling in your gun, with that type of bullet. Any round shorter than this length should chamber fine. If it does not, the reason is other than the OAL. This is the maximum length, you would ordinarily expect the finished rounds to be at least several thousandths shorter than this number.
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