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I never said all rifles shoot best free floated. If you read what I say instead of reading what you want to hear, you will discover I said the exact opposite. Bench rest rifles are the ultimate in accuracy. They do just fine away from the bench as well. Every once in a while I decide to shoot yotes with my PPC and it is as deadly accurate in the woods as on the bench. The John Deere Green and orange paint job is not very good for hunting, but other than that it is a fine hunting rifle. The only barrels that will shoot better with pressure than they shoot free floated are low quality barrels that are not properly stress relieved or have a bore that would look like a threaded nut if you looked at it with a bore scope. If you have a quality barrel that shoots better bedded than free floated, your bedding job on the action is wrong or your stock is flexing around the bedding.
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