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Rimfire guns will one day become more expensive than centerfire guns.

I really believe this to be true. Imagine going to your LGS or Wally World and seeing the 22LR weapons twice the price of everything else under the glass.

Look what happened to the price of large SUVs when gas prices climbed close to 5 dollars per gallon. They dropped like a rock. On the flip side, you could not get a Toyota Prius, and if you were fortunate enough to find one, the price was well over sticker.

This analogy is applicable to ammo. If you can't afford the ammo, the gun is worthless.

After the first run of ammo four years ago, the gun manufacturers cranked out version after version of tactical 22s. As more women and young people learn to enjoy the shooting sports, the demand for 22s increases even more.

I owned a couple of Mosins and a PSL to take advantage of the 7.62 x 54R cheap surplus ammo. So I get that argument. The truth is that there is not an unlimited amount of that ammo. Once it is gone, the only alternative is expensive domestic product.

It all comes back to availability and cost of ammo. Every enthusiast should own a few 22s, down the road they might be the most expensive guns in the safe.

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