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.308 ammo too expensive

I made plenty of research and decided to purchase a used Savage Arms Model 10 with heavy barrel chambered in .308 cal., with accutrigger and Burris scope. I am very happy with the rifle, specially because the price was a real bargain. It is accurate and works flawlessly. The only thing I failed to verify before making the investment was the cost of ammo and how it would limit my ability to practice on a regular basis at the range. Twenty rounds sell, when available, for $39.00 at most LGSs. This is too expensive and kind of disappointing... I am seriously considering trading it for a military surplus rifle like the German Mauser K98, a Swiss K31 or even a Mosin Nagant M39... The ammo for any of these proven military style rifles is cheaper and readily available. I have considered reloading, but I have not made my mind yet. Any suggestions?
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