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Two Wallets?

I have seen several people note that Dorner's ID was found in San Diego so how could it have been found in the cabin?

The answer is simple. The ID found in San Diego was his police badge and departmental ID. I saw a news report last week (several days before the cabin incident) that showed a picture of the badge that was found. So he dumped his badge but kept his personal California Driver’s License in his wallet with him. That is the second ID that was found in the cabin.

As for the "fireproof" wallet, you would be amazed at what can survive a fire. Several years ago my landlord's Mobile Home burnt down. The fire was so hot that the aluminum siding melted. Yet the meat in his freezer was still frozen. Also the papers in his filing cabinet were intact except for charred edges. This mobile home was his office, and since all his records were still intact it was business as usual the next day out of a smaller travel trailer. By the way, this was before the widespread use of PCs so a loss of his files could have destroyed his business!
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