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Originally Posted by Hawg Haggen View Post
Back when this was done those guns were a dime a dozen and nobody gave a rats butt about a military rifle. What they did want was a hunting rifle and it was cheaper to build one off an old military rifle than to buy a new one. No need in griping about it now.
I was thinking the same thing. There were guys who made a fair living custom building sporting rifles out of cheap military surplus rifles.

It's much like the guys that built dirt track cars out of classic muscle cars and destroyed them. At the time it was just an old used car.

I guess if everyone thought about the historical significance and preservation of current items there would be a ton of everything and values would be much lower.

I can't help but consider the very real history of the skilled gunsmiths that did custom jobs like this one. It is a beautifully done customizing from what the pictures show.

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