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I'm trying to word this to stay non-partisan but Kagan has dedicated her life to a political movement that is at it's heart elitist. In their minds it's the great unwashed masses (us) that cannot be trusted to make the "correct" decisions about what to eat or what size soda to drink, and in no way in heck can be trusted not to hurt themselves and their neighbors if allowed guns - heck they (we) can't be trusted with a saltshaker . In their view only the over-educated elites in government, their armed minions within government, and their close friends have a level of intelligence that allows them to be trusted with anything more deadly than a rubber spoon. It boils down to just because she now sees that an elite like herself can be trusted with a gun does not mean that she'll extend that trust to those that she sees as the great unwashed and ignorant masses but we can only hope that she rises above her prejudices.
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