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The Gold cup will handle standard FMJ COL's. Besides, if you push them in too deep the neck at the case mouth loses contact with the sides of the bullet. You don't want that as the round is supposed to headspace on the case mouth, so it needs support. You want to remember it comes with a 14 lb recoil spring installed for using target bullets, so you may want to put in a standard 1911 16 lb spring or even an 18 lb recoil spring to reduce battering of the frame by the slide if you shoot much hardball.

No crimp, per se, is normally required with jacketed bullets, nor desired if you are headspacing on the case mouth as designed. The brass on copper friction is great enough to render that crimp unnecessary. However, you will be flaring the case mouth slightly with the expander die before seating the bullet and that flare needs to be ironed out to put the case mouth back in spec for headspacing (0.467"-0.473" diameter). The normal method is to adjust the crimp die until it just flattens that flare. At that point the case mouth should be in the correct size range, with thinner necked brass at the short end and thicker necked brass at the wide end of the range.
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