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Going back to stopping power. One person above mention to use the heaviest solid bullet. I don't think that would be good, since the bullet would just go through the target. As for the Jacketed Hollow Point, this will expand and do more harm.
Not quite, the 50 grain bullets are generally subsonic and accurate. They have enough energy to penetrate well but not to the extent that a 40 gr high velocity bullet will.

The problem with hollow points is it is a crapshoot depending on where target is hit. Soft flesh it may open and penetrate well doing lots of damage or not open and zip right on through. Hitting a bony area it will open up right away and there you will find the bullet, chances of that bullet penetrating deeper are severely lessened.

Shooting a hard heavy bone like the front of the skull, shoulder, arms, legs and pelvis the hollow point stops there. A 40 gr bullet has a better chance of breaking through to cause deeper damage. Shoot a boogerman in the ribs you want the bullet to get past the rib into the chest cavity, not make a wide shallow wound on top of the rib cage.

Best solution is to not shoot but if you have to shoot make it count.
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