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so no one has any pics of their cartridge collections ???

( I could take one of mine, but it would just look like a pile of brass & cartridges )

since I'm just finishing my walk in gun safe, I've been thinking of expanding on my "holes in the 2 X 4" process I started with... thought about having a dimensional 2" X 2" with radiused edges lining the walls ( that aren't covered in guns ) at or around eye level ( like the old fashioned plate rail in a farm house ) & line my cartridges by caliber around the room... I may actually have to go close to ceiling height, since I have a lower ceiling in my walk in gun safe, & I'm a taller guy... ( the rifle racks go to within 8" of the ceilings, so maybe just above them ) I could then locate & pull down anything someone might want to see...

thoughts ???
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