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So, two recommendations if you want a small gun--choose one that's small, but not too small, and choose one that's light, but not too light. The Kahr K-series is among the finest compact carry weapons made, IMO, but, there aren't any handguns that 'absorb' recoil--you do. The mass does change the way that recoil is delivered, of course, and the less mass, the faster than thing gets moving. The design of the gun, grip angle, bore axis height, etc., will make the thing more or less comfortable for you, though--that's a fact. Kahr, however, has done an exceptional job with both, IMO.

The other option I think would be helpful is to shoot your Kahr far more frequently, but fewer rounds at a time. Shoot one magazine, then shoot something else for a while, then shoot another magazine. Repeat until you've shot 20-25 rounds total then stop. Try to do this a couple of times a week if at all possible (I know that may be impossible for many folks), even weekly should be helpful. Repetition combined with learning (your muscles learning, and you learning to get more out of your weak hand). Developing actual physical strength in the hands is something of a requirement in the tiny guns, I think, although a death-grip isn't recommended there anymore than anywhere else. But, abrasives and snow-tire surfaces aren't a substitute, either--at least not if you intend to actually shoot more than a box at a time, ever. You are going to benefit from a FATTER grip, though, and grip sleeves might really help, as suggested above. I bought fatter grips for the K40, and even though they're more slippery, they're still more comfy for me.

I really don't think I can make too big a deal about recoil tolerance and conditioning. My feeling is that these small guns are not easy to get started with, for anyone. I had to change quite a bit of what is 'normal' for me with my M&Ps, and in fact my first box of ammo thru the K40 bloodied my left hand thumb--it was basically sliding right off the front edge of the trigger guard or maybe even the frame, not sure which. I'd say it was 500 rds easy before I 'got to know' the gun and its unique handling. To a good degree, it seems to me your body (hands especially, but wrists, forearms & shoulders) develop with shooting and so does recoil tolerance. I could be full of horse hockey--but that's my impression.

The Kahr is an extraordinary handgun, IMO. If you can find a K9 to shoot, you may find the extra 7-8 onces makes a difference for you. But, I think you should try shooting more frequent, small exercises with what you have, if possible. You have to stop before it's uncomfortable, but start often.
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