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so would anyone else have done what i did? lol!!!
I would not have done what you did. I would not have bought ANY turret press other than a Lee Classic Turret. In my opinion, a turret press that doesn't have low-cost and easily swapped turrets is NOTHING more than a single stage press with a whole bunch of holes in the top. If you only load one or two chamberings and never EVER any more, there's some sense in it. Otherwise, I can't understand even the existence of a turret press that does not have quickly-swappable turrets.

As for the Big Boss II, that's a heckuva good press. I love everything about it except for the price. In comparison to a Lee Classic Cast, I can't find a reason to purchase the Redding. I'm quite certain that it's a near-perfect tool and it will give LIFETIMES of great service and if taken care of, the grandkids of your kids could still use it.

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