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4 position, 5 position? Progressive” Single stage” 4 position tool head” 5 position shell plate?

There are not many presses I do not have, I will not load on a progressive press without a lock out die, again, the Dillon 550B has 4 position tool head and shell plate, means nothing to me but is is recommended seating should be done on one position and crimping on the next. In that procedure I do not have a position for the powder lock out die, solution, I do not seat on one position and crimp on the next. I still have the RCBS Piggy Back presses, advantage? the RCBS Piggy Back 11 press’ have 5 positions, back to seating on one and crimping on the next with room for the powder lock out die.

Powder die, I do not get into mortal combat with reloading, I have time to check the powder die (called CUP by some) when loading bottle neck cases. Before I let the press get the best of my I will size cases that have more resentencing to sizing than the press can overcome with one of my go-rillo press, I have presses that were guaranteed not to flex, spring or spread, nothing wrong with the presses, problem? No one left to cover the warranty.

There are not many scales I do not have, design and or manufacturer, most in one way or the other are connected to Ohaus, it would cost me $1.000.00 to replace my check weight, the most handy scale IO have is the RCBS electronic scale that docks to the powder dispenser. It is nothing for me to determine the weigh of each component when loading ammo, when I finish finding a squib is a matter of weighing. I match case weight first. I use my scales, I do not talk about using them, weighing loaded rounds on a beam scale is slow and acquired.

F. Guffey

Progressive presses and cantilever shell plates: Outside of reloading there is a profession that deals in measurements. Building a press stronger because the user is hard headed will only require the press manufacturer to make presses stronger. Deterring the ability of a press to overcome resistance to case sizing is possible but first the reloader has to understand a cases ability to resist sizing. There is nothing like starting with new cases, next come once fired. Then there is the ability of a reloader to determine if press has sized the case before lowering the ram.
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