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I've been through a couple thousand of those slugs. Just a nice, basic, 200 grain bullet for a .45 Auto. It is a flat point, so it's not quite as "feed LIKELY" as a traditional 230 grain Hardball or equivalent, but most modern .45 Auto handguns will eat them just like any other.

I have been focusing much more on lead slugs in my .45's these days, but I've loaded and fired my share of that exact Berry's slug and it works fine. I've also goofed with them a bit in .45 Colt with mixed results. I have precious little experience with .45 Colt and find that the H-U-G-E case volume...but horribly low pressure... is a bit of a PITA especially if you aren't using a long, fat, ugly lead slug to eat up some of that ridiculous case volume.

But hey, I'm off on a tangent.

Bottom line: enjoy those bullets in .45 Auto, they are perfectly fine.
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