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I don't think that anyone is finding the legal killing of someone as reprehensible.

All taking of human life is manslaughter.

Extrajudicial Killing is a crime.

And who is a worse criminal? A criminal, or those represtatives of us, the people, who we charge with the responsibility to enforce those laws that are constitutional? IE: No person shall be deprived of LIFE without due process of law.

This was extrajudicial activity leading to loss of human life, with wanton disregard for the safety of anyone else that might possibly be inside. It certainly is homicide and likely rises to the level of homicide that demands an investigation and possible criminal charges.

But who will prosecute it? Sadly... "The People" are represented by the District Atttorney, who will no doubt decline to be interested. So much for fair representation of the people. The US Justice Department, if it had any balls at all, would prosecute the perpetrators for deprivation of Mr. Dorners constitutional right to due process. Indiscriminate use of area weapons is not a valid police tactic.


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