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Wipe-Out. Jag/patch only.

The only consensus, that everyone should agree on, is to use a bore guide- and a quality, one-piece ball-bearing rod.

Throw away those two or three piece Hoppes cheap aluminum rods. They will flex and scratch the inside of the bore.

A good bore guide will keep the rod centered and prevent it from sliding along the rifling- in addition to protecting the chamber area.

If you choose to use nylon or bronze brushes, they say not to run them back through the bore, as reversing them will scratch the crown. Now, I don't use brushes- just jags/patches and Wipe-Out as mentioned above. But, I never have figured out how a brush could be "safe" to run down the bore, but could scratch the crown...

The rest, is subjective and dependent on YOUR barrel.

The most common school of thought these days is to remove powder fouling, but leave copper until accuracy degrades. There's a lot of guys that don't even remove powder/carbon until accuracy degrades. You've got to find out what works for your barrel.

Try a search, this topic goes to four or five pages every couple of months.
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