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Ok that sounds trite. So a .500 Nitro can be a anything you want it to be; varminting round, a plinker, a self-defense rifle? Come on. Explain to me then how a 6lb rifle makes sense for a classic elephant/buffalo cartridge? Would you take that rifle hunting for grizzly, elephant or buffalo? Does it have any of the nostalgia of "just like the famous hunter so and so?" No, it moans "dork."

The young man who bought it did not seem to enjoy getting his shoulder banged up with just one or two shots. That was really an inappropriate platform for that cartridge and it is silly to try to pretend otherwise. I guess you could make a .223 into a 10lb double rifle but why? That would be just as ridiculous.
The cartridge's history means absolutely nothing. The intended purpose and desires of the shooter are all that matter. If you don't like it, that's fine; but your opinion is not the only one that matters.

Being from Oregon, I would expect you to understand the merits of having a lightweight rifle in the mountains. Hiking the back country in Alaska, or even just pursuing Elk in the Rockies, shaving a few pounds off your rifle can make a huge difference. And, if you know the rifle and your quarry well enough, you should only need one shot. If a single-shot rifle isn't good enough for dangerous game, I have no idea how humans ever survived westward expansion of North America during the 1800s, with all the bears, wolverines, wolves, big cats, and angry bison; or how dangerous game hunters ever came home alive from their African hunts with black powder rifles and muzzleloaders....

And, last time I checked, there still weren't wild Buffalo or Elephant in Alaska.

Nostalgia? Since when can we only use cartridges based on their nostalgic appeal and original intent? Again, we'd have a pretty big problem with .30-06... Owners would only be able to have original battle rifles, and proper 'nostalgic' use would require shooting at "Japs", Germans, and Koreans.
.45-70 would take a pretty big hit... Being limited to trap door, rolling block, and falling block rifles, with their primary targets being 'Indians' and Bison.
And, the list goes on...

An "inappropriate" platform to one man, is a perfect platform to another.
On this very forum, we have several owners of 10+ lb .22 LR falling block rifles, we have several members that have Weatherby rifles but only shoot substantially reduced loads in them, we have at least two members that own single-shot TC handguns in .444 Marlin and almost exclusively only shoot shot shells in them, we have several members with TC Encore handguns wearing 10-14" barrels in 7mm Rem Mag(!), we have a couple dozen owners of .50 GI 1911s, we have multiple owners of Coonan 1911s, we have a few dozen people that shoot "dangerous game" cartridges in rifles that weigh as little as 5 lbs, and we have a few hundred owners of Taurus Judges, S&W Governors, and Rossi Circuit Judges.

There are many members that think any one of those is a stupid idea, but the owners have a different opinion. For them, it fulfills a need that no other rifle/cartridge combination could compensate for in a satisfactory manner.

Nostalgia and a cartridge's classical use have very little in common with what it is actually capable of, or what a shooter may want to use it for.

If they get in over their head with excessive recoil, they either didn't do their homework or have poor technique.
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