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I'm just telling you what knowledgeable reenactors say - pistol use was not common among enlisted men.
Not really talking about "enlisted men". Jose was a (fictional) Guerrilla. Most Missouri guerrillas (bushwhackers) didn't even carry rifles or shotguns. Some did, but very few. Heck, they didn't even wear uniforms. Almost all of them carried between two and eight revolvers. Sometimes more. They fought by ambush, close, quick, sudden attacks that left the enemy confused and panic stricken. They did not line up in the middle of a field in neat little rows waiting for the enemy to attack like the big armies of the time. They would hide in the brush or creek beds alongside much used roadways and either wait for enemy troops to happen by or lure them into a trap. Guerrilla warfare was/is a hell of a lot different than standard military warfare. Also FWIW, it wasn't uncommon to see enlisted cavalry troopers with two revolvers. They realised early on that a second revolver was better than a sabre.

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