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I have mixed feelings about this. We have a right to carry a gun. Open or otherwise. The only reason people perceive it to be unwise is because carrying a gun openly, if you aren't a LEO or some kind of security, is a social taboo. I don't open carry often (in certain situations, I will), and I certainly don't do it as a political statement.

Proponents of OC will say things like "A right unused is a right that will get taken away." But the truth is, this is a fallacy. You're bringing into the forefront something that most non-gun people think isn't legal, and they are going to think that only police should be able to do that.

One only needs to look at California. They used to allow open carry as long as the firearm was unloaded. There was a huge, politically motivated, open carry movement. Law makers and the new Governor saw this and all they saw was a loophole that needed to be closed.

Think about it this way. What if the Gay Rights movement (I'm not making a political statement about this movement...I'm simply using it as an example) started in the 50's? It would have gotten shut down quickly. Laws preventing that type of behavior would have been drawn up and passed so quickly. Now, things are going the other way. Why? Because society is ready for it. Society wasn't ready for it. Society still isn't ready to accept that regular citizens have a right to carry a gun with them. Things are getting better, but we need to be careful about how we go about it, or more things like California might happen.
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