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May or may not be a drop-in replacement. You can try a standard 0.278" link. But other spacing is available, and you should be prepared that it may not match perfectly.

As an alternative, you'll find there are link kits that have several links with different spacings between the holes. This will let you try several.
Directly measuring the right size takes a special tool, so the kit is easier to let you test different lengths.

If we assume the new assembly pin hole will be tighter on both sides, you'll have four things to watch for:

1. It passes the previous test.

2. It doesn't jam the barrel locking lugs up against the slide lug recesses.

3. It doesn't jam the back ends of the link lugs on the barrel into back end of their cutout in the receiver cradle. When this happens it prevents the barrel going fully down into the cradle in the receiver (full counterbattery position). If you are holding the frame without the slide on it but with the barrel held in place by the assembly pin on the slide stop and the barrel rocks fore and aft no matter how firmly you are pushing it down into the cradle, the link is too long or you need to file the breech end of the link lugs forward until it fits. Otherwise it may rub the slide or fail to allow the gun to unlock it completely.

4. It doesn't force the feed throat on the barrel to overhang the magazine well. If it does and you like the fit otherwise, you are in for reshaping the back of the barrel and the feed ramp extension (throat) cut into the bottom of the mouth of the barrel, which takes a bit of skill and knowledge about correct fit (read Kuhnhausen). Allowing it to overhang the feed ramp can interfere with feeding.

Link kits on Brownells. These are for standard 1911's, but I presume they will fit your gun as well.
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