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Helps lots. Thanks.

I was at my local Cabelas looking for range reloads. Saw a box of 200gr 45 cal Berry's identified as 'round shoulder' and I think an 'OD' after the 'round shoulder description.

They look like this one:

Sadly, I'm at work and the box is at home. I miked one bullet at .4500 - .4510, depending on where I measured it.

I'm reloading for .45ACP and just need some range ammo... and to get more experience reloading.

Some of the Berry's product is labelled as '.452' in diameter.

Do I have a major problem with the bullet diameter? Checking only one bullet doesn't tell the whole story, I'm sure.

SO, is there any likelihood that these bullets are for some other round than .45ACP?
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