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Thanks for all of the help guys. Here is my method start to finish. After cleaning I recap and resize the case after resizing case is .329 outside diameter. Then apply a small amount of flair just enough to get the bullet started and charge powder. After that I seat the bullet to .925 and apply a very small crimp ie. Not even half of a turn in on the die after it touches the case And outside case diameter is .335 .925 is the OAL off of my load data. When I thunk test it in the barrel it sticks and will not fall back out of the barrel under its own weight.

Just as something to try I used an un primed and uncharged case and set my OAL to .907. This results in a thunk test that will allow the around to fall back out of the barrel under its own weight. I realize that will cause high pressure but I wanted to see if the problem was in the o.d. or the OAL

The store bought gold dots that I have have an OAl of .898. I realize this is comparing apples to oranges but I see no reason why a .925 round is getting stuck

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