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It is not an issue of lethality. It is an issue of incapacitation.

If it were small enough and light enough, and easy enough to shoot, I'd carry 12ga buckshot everywhere with me. But I can't. So I compromise with a much smaller round. Compared to rifles and shotguns slugs/buckshot, handguns are very weak. I want to squeeze every advantage out of my defensive handgun I can. That means I use ammo designed for self defense use that's designed to stay in it's intended backstop, and not shoot through and through. A relatively minor premium price is worth it when I might have to count on those rounds to save my life, or the life of a family member.

I think the current theory of "designer ammo" at over a buck a round is ridiculous. 20 round boxes are a joke. If you can find the 50 round LE boxes at a decent price, buy all you can. Shoot a few hundred rounds of that ammo in your gun and accept, its as good as its going to get.
I've never bought a 20 round box of premium ammo in my life. I shoot Speer Gold Dot 124gr +P out of my G19, and they came out of a $30, 50 round box. I could have bought some Remington Golden Sabers in a $50 round box for, I think $24, but I've had issues with Remington primers in the past, so it's a once bitten, twice shy situation. CCI primers are worth the extra $6 in my book. It's not hard to find those 50 round boxes, you just need to know where to look.

(Hint: Look for an LE supply store...not a regular gun store. Every one of them I've been in do not restrict sales to LE only.)
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