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What I don't think we're challenging just yet is a situation such as Texas/FL where a fairly expensive ($200 or so with training) concealed permit is necessary to carry at all, and permitless open carry as a zero-cost alternative is banned. Kachalsky isn't the case that will challenge this. Kachalsky was designed to confirm that carry outside the home, IN SOME FORM, is a basic civil right.
I doubt such a concept will ever successfully be challenged. SCOTUS is deeply divided on the issue of firearms (as is America), and getting them to rule in our favor on even the most fundamental issues was the slimmest of 5-4 victories, both in Heller and even more depressingly, McDonald.

I think they'll take Kachalsky and perhaps even mag capacity and some other must-be-solved issues, but once those are done, I think they'll refuse to grant cert to pretty much everything, esp something that is so clearly a state-level issue.
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