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You are over crimping with the seating/crimping die. Like the other poster said , just use that die to seat the bullet into the case to a little longer than your desired length and do not screw die down, keep it high. then use your factory crimp die just to apply a slight amount of Taper crimp(just maybe 1/2 turn). This will push the bullet slightly further in the case to desired length with slight taper crimp. That way you completely control your amount of taper crimp (which is very little). Lee dies if you use the instructions are very easy to push down the seating/crimping die too far and get that over crimped ridge that is in your photos. Just back it off and make small adjustments to the FCD.

I over crimped revolver cases before and they worked But I will never do it to auto cases, Very little crimp is needed. you can have a KB if your not careful about headspace and pressures.
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