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Obviously at least one officer figured this was going to be the result."The police can be heard yelling "Burn that <distorted> out!"".
The audio is pretty clear. No one says"gas him out" or"tear gas him" or anything else along those lines.
The other audio recording concerns me a little as some of the things said don't seem to apply to the facts as we know them.
Assuming that it is accurate however, listen to the audio itself at one point they deliberately get very cagey about" go forward with the plan with the burner, I want it, uh,(pause) like we talked about."
Maybe they didn't want the suspect to know what they were doing,but,listen to the audio and it's pretty clear that the officer isn't at all surprised that "seven burners deployed" caused a fire. This is the same officer that pauses while speaking in almost every other sentence but doesn't pause at all between "seven burners deployed and""we have a fire".
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