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Nastiest gun I have shot is the 7mm. don't get me wrong, it is pretty amazing, but it was far worse than the 375 H&H or the 338 WM.

Effective recoil pad is a must for more than typical hunting situation (a few shots to confirm zero, one shot for the Elk (Colorado, moose or caribou in AK)

My brother got a limb save on his and it tamed it.

And don't get me wrong, I think long range shooting would be a lot of fun.

I just don't see it has a SHTF need. If that would occur, then everyone who has it will be carrying a gun rural Colorado or anywhere in AK!).

At that point you have to determine "bad intent" vs someone just going about their legitimate business. My take is that occurs at 100 yds or under pretty much where you can start to figure that out.

Even a guy with tatoes and pieced ears could well be an ally not an enemy. Only if they are aggressive do they get shot.
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