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Bart, I have to tell the truth. It may look like a Remington Sendero but it's really a custom build by Mike Bryant. Stiller TAC 300 Action, Rock Creek barrel, Badger Ordnance trigger guard, Timney Trigger, all glass bedded to a McMillan Remington Hunter stock. It wasn't cheap - but it sure does shoot!

The 3-shot group at 200 yards was .672 center-to-center. Lucky for me it was dead still - too dumb to get wind flags (soon!)

The load:

Bullet: Nosler 160 gr. AccuBond
Powder: Alliant Reloader 25 69.0 grs.
Primer: Federal 215
Case: Federal Once Fired
LOAL: 3.323 (2.758 Base to Ogive with Stoney Point)
Average Velocity: 2995.40 fps
ES: 19.98
SD: 8.42

When I picked it up from the gunsmith and shot my first three shot group I nearly fell out of my chair...

That's at 100 yards.

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