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The Yugo sks is a great shooter, totally reliable, and easy to find ammo for. It has a bunch of superfluous hardware though, like the grenade launcher sights and a beefier stock than the other SKSs. I have 5 countries' SKS variants, and the Yugo is my favorite.

I've never handled a 96/11, but I absolutely love my k31s and 1911 carbine. You'll never go wrong with Swiss milsurp, they're all built like tanks. The Swiss ammo isn't corrosive either.

I had to sell my Arisaka. The ammo is expensive and hard for me to find. If you reload, or you have massive loads of cash, then I suppose it wouldn't be a problem.

I think federal law mandates every C&R guy own a Garand. As of now, I'm breaking that law. It's the next acquisition on my list tho.

I just acquired a Mosin M38 and a SVT 40. I highly suggest you look into them too.
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