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Yes. I think it was 1984 that the Adjutant General's office ruled that the little hollow points in match bullets are non-expanding hollow points and therefore not disallowed under the Hague Accords. The M852 box labels predated that.

I've got about 1000 of those cases left that are new. The CMP was selling boxes of 2000 at one time (over a decade back). As Bart suggests, don't over-resize them. Use the paperclip probe to check them.


Didn't you describe the load you had in that Federal case as being around 42 grains of 4064 under a 168 grain match bullet? If so, it should be around 48,000 psi and 2500 fps from a 22" barrel, but not up at 60,000 psi, where the Federals keep being reported to have their primer pockets get loose in three or four loads or so. Maybe I'm remembering wrong.

Unfortunately the same primer pocket loosening issue has been reported about some recent production Winchester .223 brass, which used to be very durable. So this is apparently something that can change over time. Federal pistol brass has always been very durable for me, though. About like Starline.
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