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I live 45 minutes from Cow Mountain Recreational Park near Ukiah, California. Their gun range has always served as a great mid-week get away to zero scopes and enjoy target shooting.
I enjoy the AR15 and AR10 series rifles.
The Bureau of Land Management has announced a list of absurd requirements in order for me to set foot on Public Land, ("my land, your land"), with my Kalifornia defined "Assault Weapons". I even need purchase an insurance policy.
I have attended several beginer, intermediate, and advanced firarms courses and from direct experience can say that I appear to be the Safest shooter on the line at Cow Mountain. The 12 year old sipping a beer and swinging that %#@!&* .22 all over is my main concern.
My choice of firearms means absolutely nothing.
My choice of ranges has now been halfed. (at least)

Yet one more example of the mental illness running rampant in California......liberalism.

Think they'd do that on say, Kentucky "Public Land"?


M Gruber

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