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Absolutely correct Zincwarrior.

Really? I didn't realize that Texas had gotten so persnickity. I don't know of any jurisdiction where you're required to identify yourself until you're detained or arrested. The peace officers there should be very careful in asking people for ID if they don't have probable cause that would support and arrest.
But PAWPAW hits the real nail on the head. He is a cop himself and you will see this small little "if" in his statement.
if they don't have probable cause that would support and arrest.
You might be OCing and not know that something has happened close by. You might not be aware the cops have a valid reason for looking for an armed bad guy. How are you going to know at that moment if they are just hassling you or are actually after a whole different thing and you are just getting caught in the net.

I have always cooperated fully and spoken respectfully with the cops and it hasn't gotten me out of many tickets, but I have never been arrested or even detained.

Anything a cop could have done wrong to one of these guys trying to "force the issue", he could have done wrong with a cooperating individual. You don't have to stand for being intimidated but you also don't have to go out and provoke an encounter.
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