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There's 2-two Ft Bragg (s)? My kid was at Ft Bragg in north Carolina.???¿¿ Um, anyway, now we have sea water and sand inside our ammo? Highrolls, you're grasping at straws! (An old adage that refers to someone drowning, trying to stay afloat by hanging onto a floating straw). The fact that seawater and sand in surf is polishing glass on that beach is real neat. I'll put that on my bucket list!

OP should repost his question as, Can anyone provide evidence that tumbling loaded rounds to clean them is detrimental to their performance?
That right there says it all. Kind of breaks it down to the basics. Repeated tests have confirmed that it has no effect. But scare D Pants out there keep saying it will "grind" the powder to dust. Wait, that's it, they thing because it's called "powder" they think it's like dust, fragile!

"Nobody is going to introduce an abrasive into a powder charge. It would NOT be good for the barrels."

If there is no abrasive action going on in barrels, why is it that they wear ?
Barrels don't "wear out" the throat is cut by high temp powder gasses. Let a barrel get too hot, it'll wear out faster. Back in the black powder days, and the then new smokeless powder days, you had to clean your barrels every time after you shot them because the powder, then the primers left a corrosive residue that is hygroscopic. That means it pulls water out of it's vapor state to react with the corrosive salts to eat the barrel steel.

" There will be NO change to the primer from tumbling."

Open ended and definitive statements are easy to challenge. Snuffy, try this. Take the media out of your tumbler. Empty a brick (1000) of fresh primers in the tumbler. Turn it on. The only question now is how much time will it take to prove to yourself your statement should be re-phrased.
Get real! Grasping for straws again! A properly seated primer is contained, or as you put is constrained, by the primer pocket. Then the anvil is "set" or pre-loaded against the bottom of the primer pocket and the pellet. How in heck does that relate to 1 thousand loose primers in a tumbler?

How dare you endanger our favorite BS topics. Try it, it's fun.
Enough said. We have our positions, we will do what we think is right or safe.
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