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I refuse. I have been able to find the Glock mags I want from places that are not jacking up there prices. Just picked up two factory new G19 hi-caps for under $25 each. If I can't find what I want for what would constitute a reasonable price before the panic I will wait.

All those people who went out and bought those $2500 DPMS AR's and spent 100+ per Pmag as investment are going to be very disappointed. And has a hedge against a future ban? Not likely.

This administration and it's anti-2A allies have learned a lot since 1994. Instead of attacking from the federal level - a single, large, frontal assault which can be defended much easier, they are attacking at the state level which is a multi frontal assault and much harder to defend as resources cannot be easily pooled.

If you read some of the more egregious awb's being proposed in various states they are taking out grandfather clauses. You will have a limited amount of time to get the now illegal firearm out of the state, turn it in, or register it with the state. No thanks.

You can keep your panic, I'll keep my head.
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