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The actual bill is nothing remotely close to what is implied in the OP:

Section 4-107.2 A. The Oklahoma Department of Agriculture,
Food, and Forestry is authorized to issue a permit to a person who
holds a big game commercial hunting area license issued pursuant to
Section 4-106 of Title 29 of the Oklahoma Statutes this title, to
any landowner or to any person who has contracted with a landowner
to manage depredating animals to engage in the management of
depredating animals by use of aircraft only on land listed in the
commercial hunting area license for a person who holds a big game commercial hunting area license or only on land owned by the
The permit may be issued without limitation by statewide
season regulations or bag limits. The permit shall be carried in
the aircraft when performing management by the use of aircraft.
B. A pilot of an aircraft used for the management of
depredating animals shall maintain a daily flight log and report.
The daily flight log shall be current and available for inspection
by employees of the Department at reasonable times. Each permit
holder and pilot shall comply with all Federal Aviation Regulations
for the specific type of aircraft.
C. Applications for a permit shall be submitted to the
Department and shall contain all information as required by the
Department. The Department may issue a per
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