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Well Said. I tell folks all the time, Be very afraid of the person carrying a .22lr pistol, because they can afford to practice with it OFTEN!! You are absolutely right about shot placement. My brother in law, took 3 7.62X39 rounds in the back in Afganistan, and is serving his community as a Deputy Sheriff to this day. As far as carrying a cap and ball, I absolutely plan to carry one in the winter, no because I think its "better etc" but just because brandishing that thing in a time of need, is what I hope will be very intimidating to my opponent. I'm pretty decent with my Sheriff and have it figured out. A .44 C&B revolver packing 30 grains of powder with a 200 grain conical, matches .45 ACP ballistics pretty dang close. As far as I've read. Anyway good post and a good topic to debate.
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