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If they are smart they will make new springs for all the old pistols.

As a gunsmith, I have one criticism of the old HS pistols. They were "under sprung".
They work very well until the springs get week, and they all do. The spring is small enough and fits over a guide that limits the size of the inside diameter of the spring. The outside diameter can't be larger because it has to fin in its hole, and the length is such that at full compression, the coils of the spring all touch, so you can't make one longer either.
The only answer is a new spring every so often. Not a big deal in that they were cheap and easy to change....until they stopped making them.

Now days you can sometimes get a used replacement, but they are all used up too. I have had 3 come through my shop in the last 3 years, and I was not able to get them to work with any spring I could buy. I can make a mandrel and wind my own, but the tools have to be made, and wire has to be bought (and the manufacturers won't sell it to you in a roll of less than 1000 feet) and then the springs have to be heat treated. All in all, such a spring would be VERY costly. With the price of 1000 feet of wire and the cost of the tools to be made, I can’t justify doing it for one or 2 guns a year.

The new “High Standard” would do well to provide the springs again, but to be honest, they would be even better off making the spring hole larger and making a stronger spring in the new guns so this problem won’t exist in the new guns. They have a big battle in front of them if they want to compete with Ruger.
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