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My larger autos, Glock -19, STI RangeMaster, CZ 75 Shadow, and Sig. 226 X5 tactical do not behave anything like this. That is why I "blame" the firearm
You can't blame the firearm. You can blame physics. A CW9 is much smaller and lighter than those other pistols, but fires the same 9mm cartridge.

That said, I have a CM9, which is even smaller than a CW9, and I don't find it uncomfortable to shoot at all. The Kahrs are relatively soft-shooting, considering their small size. If you are having that much trouble, a strong grip on the pistol will help. It it's still a problem, consider one of the Hogue Handall-style grips. A lot of folks claim that they help tame felt recoil on the Kahr pistols.
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